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Helping Wounds Heal With Amino Acids

The use of targeted amino acids is becoming more common as a strategy to help heal a variety of conditions, including wounds, because of the role key amino acids have in rebuilding tissue. Chronic wounds, meaning those that have not healed in 12 weeks, affect approximately 6.5 million patients in the United States annually at […]

Your Patient Died: Should You Send the Family a Card?

Bereavement care is part of the job, no matter how difficult it is to talk about death and deal with grieving family members. “Callous disregard.” These two little emotionally loaded words are how the plaintiff complaint summed up the following story from a grieving daughter named Sally.* In her deposition, Sally recounted how nice and […]

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Intake + Output = Big Documentation Problems

Inaccurate and incomplete intake and output records pose a problem in litigation as well as a risk to the patient who requires monitoring of fluid balance for medical reasons.  “Would you agree that the nurses did not know how to do basic arithmetic?” Of course nurses know how to add and subtract but yet I […]