Take the Challenge: Three New Recipes You Can Make

It is my pleasure to introduce guest blogger Nick Sitney. Please take a few moments to read a young adult’s perspective on scratch cooking, healthy eating, and how to become inspired to do more of both this coming new year. Please encourage Nick with your comments!

Take the Challenge: Three New Recipes You Can Make

Nick Sitney

Imagine never needing to pay for fast food again. You would have fresh ingredients in your hands the moment you want food. However, there is one stipulation—you would need to make all of your meals from scratch, and that takes time. You also would need cooking skills for some meals, skills that most of us are lacking.

That is why we often settle for buying the easier things to make or something that is already prepared. I admit that I do this, because more often than not when I do not have the time, I will buy fast food. However, I have less of an excuse to eat so unhealthy and spend that kind of money with the resources that I have.

My number one resource is my father, who has spent most of his life making food. More often than not, I have a home-cooked meal that I take for granted. People I work with are jealous of what I have, which makes me realize how they would probably struggle to learn how to prepare food successfully. Sure I may fail a few times at making something, but these skills are invaluable.

When I was a child, we did not have many ingredients in the refrigerator. I did not think we had anything to eat with just a carton of eggs, milk, and some vegetables. Now as an adult, I see an omelet that will take all of 5 minutes to make, which will taste great.

Perhaps more teens should try cooking or at least get interested in learning how to throw a meal together. I regret not doing this at a younger age, when it would have stuck easier and given me a chance to make more mistakes. However, I see no reason not to start now by learning one favorite meal at a time.

With that said, I challenge anyone and everyone to learn how to cook three new recipes before the year ends. Perfection is not required, but make the meals at least passable in your own eyes. Choose three new recipes—your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and learn how to make them.

For breakfast, I will choose French toast, hash browns, and bacon. For lunch, I will select shepherd’s pie. Finally, I hope to make a Monte Cristo sandwich for dinner. Maybe I will even end up making dessert by the time all of this is over.

Whether you learn one meal or three, you will have at least gained some new skills and have a jumping-off point for more learning. In addition, it is always great showing off something that you made yourself.

With all this said, good luck learning and happy eating.

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  1. Joan Says:

    Good, easy, fun reading…..agree with everything you say…..seeing a good french toast recipe!

  2. Annie Says:

    Love the challenge. I’ll def try to make some new dishes over the Holiday season. Thanks for the great idea.

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